Fact of the Moment

It was then. It was in that simple moment. That seemingly insignificant look at her phone and her chuckle at whatever was shining bright through the screen was the moment I fell in love all over again. I’ve always been looking for some grandiose moment with someone so that I would know they were the one. But with her, it was different. It seemed every moment became the one I fell in love. It was never a past moment or some moment in the future, it was always this  moment. Every time it happened, I thought “surely there isn’t another. Surely this is it.” But a new moment always came; a little smile, a dumb joke, the wonder in her eyes at something new, the verge of tears forming when she had a test, the excitement in her voice for the little things. It seemed every new moment was always the moment with her. And yet, I could never settle for this because surely there was nothing I had done that was the same for her. As her moments change, I seem to be trapped in the same one: waiting. Constantly waiting for the fact of the moment to change, for my moment to become our moment. It seems to always be a moment away. But maybe that isn’t just a fact of the moment but a fact of life. Maybe neither of us will ever realize the change and suddenly our individual moments because our moments. Until then, I wait in this moment, falling in love with every moment I have with her.


About adegaish

Currently a student at Texas A&M University studying Civil Engineering. I felt the yearning to change my life. This is my journey.
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